About the ICM

So what is the ICM anyway?
Activists from around the world are coming together in August 2013 to debate the most pressing human rights issues of our time.

Every two years Amnesty International members and supporters gather to decide on the future direction of the movement. This year we are meeting in Berlin, Germany and now you can go online to follow events as they unfold and join in the conversation.

Activists from across the movement will blog here throughout the week. Come back regularly to https://amnestyicm2013.wordpress.com/ to read on their personal reflections on key human rights issues.
Join the debate on Twitter via #AmnestyICM or follow @AmnestyICM
You can also read exclusive blogs from key delegates and speakers here:
Don’t miss out…


2 Responses to About the ICM

  1. hanaperry says:

    Hello, when do you plan to put the first blog post up? I’d really like to circulate this to other Amnesty members in the UK so they can stay in the loop. It would be great to get some more content up beforehand! Really glad this will be available during the ICM:)

    • Hi there, thank you for getting in touch. I have been working on getting bloggers for the page. If you know of anyone who would like to participate I would be glad to put up any posts.

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