End violence against women in Egypt

Written by Adriana Hennawi, Amnesty Germany,

The world watches on as violence and the terrible loss of life continues in Egypt. As you may know, the violence left more than 800 people dead and thousands injured across the country.  Promises from the authorities to use lethal methods only as a last resort to disperse protesters appear to have been broken once again. Women, who are at the heart of Egypt’s civil society, continue to face horrific gender based violence.

Therefore we addressed these demands in a joint effort between Amnesty Germany and the ICM-delegates by bringing this message directly to the Egyptian government. We started our campaign action on 16th August in the Directors forum asking people to sign our large banner and petition. This took place for a further two days and we campaigned throughout Berlin for more signatures to support our efforts.

On Monday 19th August, our Egypt Campaign Day at the ICM, the delegates also supported the German action by signing our banner. The action received huge public attention and media response After we had acquired all the signatures, our Secretary General Selmin Caliskan and members of the Berlin-Brandenburg district handed the petition directly to the Egyptian Embassy.

End Sexual Violence Against Women In Egypt

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